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Why Plant Fruitless Trees?

tree selection

If you’re considering adding more trees to enhance your grounds, choosing the right type is essential to a lasting and successful investment. Fruitless trees make an excellent addition, offering the beauty of fruiting varieties without the added tree care headaches. Why plant fruitless trees on your Bay Area grounds?

Avoid Excess Landscape Maintenance with Fruitless Trees

Many fruiting trees offer gorgeous flowers and foliage, but they can create a mess with the droppings of unwanted produce if you don’t arrange for fruit reduction services. Without regular fruit removal, this waste attracts bugs and rodents, interferes with lawn care, and poses a slip/trip hazard for pedestrians. Fortunately, ornamental fruit tree varieties exist that offer the looks of fruiting trees without the harvest. They’ve graced landscapes worldwide for thousands of years, providing showy flowers without assailing bystanders and littering walkways with falling fruit.

Tips for Choosing Fruitless Trees for Landscape Enhancement

It’s best to select trees based on their function to ensure lasting enjoyment when choosing fruitless trees for the landscape of your retail center, office park, or apartment community:

Landscape trees for screening

These trees feature an upright growth pattern and more compact foliage perfect for adding privacy.

  • Chanticleer pear
  • Coast redwood
  • Australian tea tree
  • American hornbeam

Shade trees

These beautiful low maintenance trees are ideal for the Bay Area climate.

  • Fruitless mulberry
  • Idaho locust
  • Hedge maple
  • Red maple
  • Zelkova elm
  • Magnolia grandiflora

Trees for seasonal color

Add visual interest and give your grounds a high-end look with these colorful trees, which are ideally suited to withstand regular landscape irrigation.

  • Autumn Blaze maple
  • Autumn Purple ash
  • Krauter Vesuvius plum
  • Robinson crabapple
  • Okame flowering cherry

Smaller trees for patios

These tinier trees are perfect for gathering areas. Choosing deciduous varieties ensures the perfect mix of summer shade and winter sunshine.

  • Oklahoma redbud
  • Swan Hill olive
  • Pink Dawn chitalpa
  • Natchez crape myrtle
  • Muskogee crape myrtle
  • Tuscarora crape myrtle

Enhance your landscape and reduce maintenance with fruitless trees. Call Gachina Landscape Management at 650-853-0400 to learn more about the best options for your grounds or fill out our online contact form for a landscape evaluation in , Palo Alto, Burlingame, San Francisco, San Jose, Pleasanton, Hayward, Fremont, Livermore, and Walnut Creek areas today.