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Estate Management in Menlo Park, CA


Estate Oasis: Luxury Landscaping for the Discerning Homeowner

Our Estates team understands the importance of establishing a relationship with our client & their team including estate & property managers. To ensure that we establish effective communication and trust, we partner our clients with a dedicated account manager. We proactively work around horticultural & seasonal planting schedules to supply additional support during high production times. The Bay Area boasts an eclectic mix of plant and garden styles. Our crews are equipped and trained to maintain them all.


Gardens we maintain

  • Potager

    Also known as a 'French kitchen garden', typically informal or romantic, these gardens consist of a variety of plants, herbs, fruits & vegetables all designed to work congruently. They create biodiversity and are attractive to local pollinators.
  • Edible

    Small, medium or large...planted across a field, in a container, or vertically, edible gardens are like having an organic market right outside your kitchen door. We design, install, and maintain organic vegetable and fruit beds for our clients.
  • Ornamental

    Planned and designed to add aesthetic elegance to your property, we use flowering plants and bulbs, ornamental grasses, shrubs, bushes, & foliage plants to bring beauty and enjoyment to your outdoor spaces.
  • Formal

    Symmetry, organization and formal lines create a geometric plan of plants & flowers throughout your property. Modeled after the classic designs of Persia, Spain, and Italy these gardens have a clear structure and design.
  • Orchards

    Orchards require expert care and proper pruning to flourish and provide bountiful fruits such as: pears, apples, peaches & plums. Our team specializes in natural pruning, grafting, organic pest and disease management, design and installation.
  • Vineyards

    While we don't specifically care for the grapes of your vineyard, we do ensure that the property around the vines is well cared for by providing integrated pest & disease management and irrigation experts.
  • California Native

    There are thousands of options when it comes to growing and enjoying California native plants. Most California natives are drought-tolerant/low water varieties that also support the local wildlife and encourage biodiversity.
  • Pollinator friendly

    Attract native pollinators (bees, butterflies, birds) to your garden by planting large patches & a variety of flowers that bloom throughout the year. We avoid chemicals such as insecticides and weed killers and use organic options instead.

Regenerative Solutions

Estate landscape management requires a fine-tuned, meticulous approach from the ground up. Our Rescape certified horticulture experts will design, build, & maintain your property to the highest standards using natural pruning techniques, customized planting curation, and highly manual maintenance with notable attention to detail. Consider a partnership with our exclusive Estate Management department.
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