Gachina regenerative landscapes

Regenerative Landscapes in Menlo Park, CA


Restore the environment and enhance resiliency.

Our team at Gachina is committed to regenerative landscape practices. We focus on creating and maintaining landscapes that promote local ecological health and resilience by requiring our team to become certified in the 8 Principles of Rescape. These principles involve a shift away from the traditional landscaping methods that rely heavily on fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, towards more sustainable approaches that prioritize the health of the soil, water, and surrounding ecosystems and encourage a return to the natural state of the environment. Some of the key regenerative practices used include: soil restoration, water conservation, and the use of California native plants to support the native pollinators and wildlife populations. 

What we do

Create net positive results with your landscape.

  • Edible Gardens

    Promote self-sufficiency, sustainability, and healthy eating while also providing opportunities for learning, community engagement, and environmental stewardship. We can help design, build, and maintain a variety of fresh, organic produce that can be harvested and enjoyed.
  • Sheet Mulching

    We use this organic gardening technique to establish or renovate planting areas by layering organic materials on top of the soil to suppress weeds, conserve moisture, improve soil fertility, and create a nutrient-rich planting bed. It allows us to prepare planting beds without the need for tilling or using synthetic herbicides.
  • Natural Pruning

    Our methods align with the natural growth patterns and characteristics of plants, promoting their health, aesthetics and longevity without altering their inherent form or growth habits. We train our teams in: selective pruning, crown-thinning, crown raising, and directional pruning to minimize unnecessary cuts or damage.
  • Reclaimed Water

    The practice of using reclaimed (aka: recycled or reused) water contributes to water conservation by reducing the demand for freshwater resources, reduces pollution by reducing nutrient runoff that can harm aquatic ecosystems, closes the loop in the water cycle, enhances soil health and promotes sustainable landscape design principles.
  • Green Roofs & Walls

    With a green roof certified specialist on staff we can address your living wall & vertical garden needs. Installed indoors or outdoors, green roofs and walls can provide numerous benefits, including energy efficiency, storm water management, improved air quality, habitat creation, and aesthetic enhancements.
  • Electric Equipment

    Using the latest in Stihl electric landscaping equipment can have multiple benefits for the environment and our clients including reducing noise pollution, improving operational efficiency, enhancing safety, and promoting environmental sustainability by reducing emissions.
  • Goat Grazing

    On large commercial properties, we encourage our clients to consider environmentally-friendly goat grazing for fire control, weed abatement, and sustainable land management. Goats are highly effective at reducing fire risk by grazing on dry grasses, weeds and other combustible vegetation. Goats target invasive and noxious weeds that are difficult to manage.
  • Raptor Perches & Owl Boxes

    A natural alternative to pest control, installing raptor perches and owl boxes is an eco-friendly approach that can be integrated into sustainable land management practices. It is a low-maintenance option that is cost effective and promotes biodiversity, education and conservation.
  • Deep-root Watering and Fertilization

    As part of our tree care practices, deep-root watering involves providing water directly to the tree's root zone, encouraging deep root development to help trees withstand California drought conditions. Customized deep-root fertilization provides trees with essential nutrients for optimal growth. Both practices maintain and promote the health and vitality of your trees.
  • Grass & Leaf Mulching

    A great way to recycle green waste! We shred and chop grass clippings and fallen leaves and spread them over the soil surface, creating a natural mulch layer that provides a range of benefits such as: conserving moisture, suppressing weed growth, regulating soil temperature, improving soil structure and adding organic matter to the soil.
  • Beneficial Insects

    Our goal is to eliminate the need for synthetic pesticides while educating and promoting an eco-friendly approach. We intentionally introduce specific insect species into an environment or landscape to provide natural pest control services. These include: predators, parasitoids, or pollinators that have a voracious appetite for garden pests.
  • Certified Bee Gardens & Honey Harvesting

    We design and manage organic, safe and supportive habitats for bees and other pollinators. Our team plants a diverse range of native flowering plants that provide food and nesting resources. We avoid ALL harmful pesticides. We also install and maintain beehives following best practices for beekeeping, honey extraction and hive management.
  • Certified Butterfly, Monarch & Wildlife Habitats

    We love to design and install pollinator habitats and we follow a specific set of guidelines and practices to create and sustain a suitable habitat for these species. We select & install native California plants, provide food, shelter and nesting resource for butterflies, we avoid the use of pesticides, and provide water sources. We recommend continued maintenance with our team to ensure the continued health & functionality of the space.
  • Installation of California Natives

    Already well-adapted to the local climate, soil, and ecological conditions the use of CA natives can result in reduced water usage, lower maintenance requirements, and decreased environmental impacts. Native plants provide important habitats for local wildlife and contribute to biodiversity conservation.
  • Bioswale Maintenance

    What is a bioswale? It's a landscaped or engineered feature designed to manage storm water runoff by filtering and absorbing rainwater and allowing it to infiltrate the soil naturally. You see them around parking lots, roads, and impermeable surfaces. We do regular inspections to ensure they are clear of debris, sediment, & plant life and are functioning properly.

Design. Build. Maintain.

Our regenerative landscaping practices help to educate our clients about the importance of making better choices for their landscapes. We promote pollinator friendly practices and offer 100% organic landscape services.
flower on a grassy landscape