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What Sustainable Landscaping Means to Gachina Landscape Management

Gachina has a reputation in the commercial landscape management industry for creating and maintaining naturally beautiful landscapes. We are establishing our company as a leader in sustainable landscaping practices. What sustainable landscaping means to Gachina Landscape Management remains the foundation we’ve built our company on. We believe taking care of employees, clients, and the environment is key to meeting this goal. We want to be the name that comes to mind first when people think, “How can I keep my commercial landscape healthy but do so sustainably and regeneratively?”

The Way We Treat the Planet Ensures Its Viability for Future Generations

A leader in the plant health care industry, founder John Gachina always felt moving toward sustainability and regenerative landscaping was the wave of the future. After working in the green industry for several years, he thought he could do it better if he had his own company, so he started Gachina in 1988. Gachina took a holistic approach from the start, implementing sustainable practices that began in the office and filtered throughout daily operations.

Grounds Care Centered on Sustainable Landscaping Best Practices

The concept of balance is at the center of all aspects of our sustainable landscape practices. We know everything works in unison, incorporating it into our landscape maintenance, irrigation and water management, and plant health care programs. Our commercial landscape contractors understand that ultimately, we need to rebuild the soil to reverse climate change. To continue to make progress in the fight against climate change, we’ve partnered with Upcycle Active Fertilizer, which shares our vision for the future. We want to help Bay Area commercial property managers, including the East Bay, South Bay, and San Jose, achieve their sustainability goals.

Putting the 8 Principles of ReScape to Work for Your Business – and the Environment

Our proudly ReScape-certified landscape management business offers a wide variety of environmentally friendly landscape services. We rely on nature-based, ecologically sound solutions. Our long-term, holistic approach to landscape management is key to our success and the growing support of businesses in the community. We strive to leave the earth better than before by:

  • Strengthening and restoring soil
  • Choosing lasting natural solutions over quick chemical fertilizer and pest control fixes
  • Enhancing area ecosystems by increasing biodiversity through habitat restoration
  • Capturing and sequestering carbon through healthy vegetation
  • Reducing irrigation needs and improving the water cycle
  • Ensuring landscape resilience through low maintenance, drought-tolerant native landscaping

Sustainable Landscape Success Stories

Sustainability success stories drive our business, showcasing our commitment to the community and environment, including:

Salesforce Park

In this public park, we wanted kids to be able to play without concerns about dangerous chemicals in the soil. Because it’s a landscape built on structure – a green roof – we created the park’s structured soils to contain the same microbial life as inground soils. Since implementing upcycling on Salesforce Park’s lawns, this favored recreational area showcases enhanced vibrance, greening up more quickly following area events than traditional turf.   

Stanford West Apartments

Stanford West now looks better than ever, thanks to the recent incorporation of Upcycle fertilizers and subsequent soil improvements. This all-organic apartment complex in the heart of Stanford University remains concerned and focused on sustainability and horticultural best practices. With our holistic care, the complex’s turf thrives, remaining full and rich despite ongoing drought issues.

Inspiring Others to Embrace Regenerative Landscaping and Sustainability

Find out what sustainable landscaping means to Gachina Landscape Management. Find out how we can support your Bay Area business, joining others in the community striving to protect our environment and resources for the future. Turn your landscape into a tool to fight climate change. Contact Gachina Landscape Management at 650-853-0400 to learn more about ways to put affordable, sustainable landscaping practices to work for your business today.