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Landscape Construction in Northern California


Design and Build.

Our landscape construction and hardscaping services include the site analysis, design and installation of permanent outdoor structures and landscape features. Our clients find value in our knowledgeable team because we provide appropriate solutions when it comes to choosing the correct soil, turf, plant material, trees and irrigation systems that are suited to the scope of your project, budget and current water restrictions.


Maximize your property's potential

  • Construction of walkways & patio installations

    Elevate your outdoor space by adding beautiful walkways, patios, and stairways. Our enhancement teams can design, build, and install these for you while our maintenance crews will keep them in good condition, safe and attractive.
  • Retaining walls

    Walls used in landscaping are called "retaining walls" and help to create more usable outdoor space, define garden beds or planting areas, support the earth, and construct decorative seating arrangements. Our team can help decide what wall works best for your property.
  • Fire pits & fountains

    We all love spending quality time outside. Consider adding a fireplace to your property for warmth, extended entertainment for guests, or roasting a tasty s'more, Fountains can add a sense of calm to your space, help block out noise pollution and provide water for wildlife like bees and birds.
  • Dog parks

    Renters love amenities and people love their pets. We can help you design, install, & maintain safe and effective dog park areas at your apartment community or HOA.
  • Drought tolerant turf renovation

    Our team can help you take advantage of local water rebates by converting your lawns into beautiful drought-tolerant landscapes using California native plants.
  • Landscape demolition

    From excavation to development, our team can get you through the process of landscape demolition on time, within budget, and take extensive care to minimize damage and that everything is cleaned up and safe.
  • Playgrounds & fitness areas

    Many of our HOA and apartment community clients have outdoor fitness centers and playground amenities in their neighborhoods. We do our best to keep these safe, clean, and well maintained using quiet electric equipment.
  • Erosion control

    In California, landslides happen. Our goal is to prevent a hillside or soil from moving into an unwanted area on your property. We use different methods to protect your property.
  • Mulching

    Mulching is a great way to maintain a healthy landscape. It controls weeds, adds nutrients to the soil, regulates the temperature of the soil, aids in water retention, prevents erosion, and adds curb appeal to your property.
  • Seasonal flower design & color changes

    Provide customers and clients with year-round beautiful color. Vibrant blooms, and a thoughtful design all work cohesively to attract and entertain. The attention to detail will go a long way in communicating that you care.
  • Drains

    Drains help prevent flooding and reduce long-term water damage to your property. We can make quick work of a French drain system that is also aesthetically pleasing, works within the landscape design and is budget friendly.
  • Tree installation

    Our team can help source, install, and maintain trees throughout your property.

Expertise & Experience

Our specialized expertise and experience comes in handy when considering the Bay Area’s unique landscape and climate, building structures that should withstand the region’s earthquakes, heavy rains, & high winds. Additionally, the Bay Area’s environmental regulations and concerns about water management can also play a role in the design and installation of these features. Often, a site can be re-designed to reduce maintenance costs, lowering our client’s ongoing expenses while improving the aesthetics of the site. We do our best to maintain a high-level of communication between our project management team and clients while keeping installations on-schedule and within budget expectations.
Landscape construction service by gachina