irrigation management

Our irrigation management services encompass ongoing maintenance, repair and renovation, climate matching controller adjustments, and real-time system monitoring. We proactively respond to your irrigation needs.

We review irrigation management strategies specific to your landscape and deliver an updated approach to best meet the needs of your landscape.

Irrigation controllers have evolved from simple mechanical clocks into complex, computer driven systems to control water resources in our landscapes. In addition to using new irrigation controller technology, Gachina Landscape Management offers an Irrigation Water Audit service. Our staff participates in the Irrigation Association’s Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA) program, and landscape irrigation auditors perform regular audits to define, measure and quantify water use across our landscapes. Audits enable more efficient control over programmed irrigation controllers and pinpoint system deficiencies, enabling reductions in metered water usage of 30 to 60 percent. Gachina supports the Irrigation Association’s initiative Smart Irrigation Month to promote the social, economic and environmental benefits of efficient irrigation technologies, products and services in landscape, turf and agricultural irrigation. 

irrigation management strategies include:

  • Programming your irrigation controllers in accordance with current day and time restrictions.
  • Upgrading your irrigation controllers to weather based “smart” controllers.
  • Converting overhead spray nozzles to drip irrigation.
  • Upgrading inefficient spray nozzles to water saving rotating nozzles.
  • Repairing irrigation problems quickly to avoid new fines for runoff and broken equipment.
  • Creating a monthly budget and reporting of landscape water usage that tracks against savings goals.
  • American Water Works Association certified testers on staff to help maintain and inspect your backflow prevention devices.


Gachina Landscape Management, an industry leader since 1988, partners with our clients to optimize irrigation management techniques to conserve this valuable resource. We have consistently scored within the top 40 in the state of California. Waterfluence calculates ongoing reports to large landscape sites comparing actual water use to a budget based on site-specific characteristics and real-time weather. Each site gets compared to peer sites with respect to how closely irrigation matches its water budget. Water budgets are designed to provide ample water for healthy and good-looking landscapes seeking to minimize water waste without compromising landscape appearance.

To learn more about irrigation management, contact us at (650) 853-0400.

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