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What is Waterfluence, and How Can it Help You?

smart irrigation hand controller

Conserve water, protect your landscaping investment, and save money with Waterfluence. What is Waterfluence, and how can it help you? In partnership with the Waterfluence conservation program, Gachina helps public landscape customers and commercial businesses meet their water management goals, improving irrigation efficiency and reducing water consumption.

Cut Your Water Use in Half with Improved Irrigation Management

One-third of the water used to maintain commercial and public landscapes is not beneficially applied. Using Waterfluence’s proven tactics, you can reduce overwatering on your Bay Area property by 50% on average while improving plant health and landscape appearance.

How Does the Waterfluence Water Management Program Work?

With the Waterfluence program, our water management experts can:

  • Improve irrigation system performance
    • Set and supervise a water budget, charting how it compares to actual use based on site-specific conditions and weather. Get the assistance you need with these sometimes tricky calculations because monitoring system performance is crucial for irrigation management.
  • Provide critical insight on irrigation issues
    • With an expert eye, we monitor for issues stemming from leaks, equipment performance, and scheduling that negatively impact your conservation goals, identifying opportunities such as:
    • Irrigation system upgrades like matched precipitation rate rotating nozzles to minimize overspray
    • Pressure-regulating sprinkler heads to control water use and meet the latest California irrigation regulations
    • Drip irrigation technology to improve uniformity and efficiency
    • Weather-based irrigation controllers to safeguard against drought damage
  • Help your organization achieve water management goals
    • The Waterfluence platform helps you stay connected with your network of property managers, maintenance staff, and landscape contractors so you can communicate more effectively about your irrigation efficiency objectives.
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Rebates are Available to Help You Meet Your Water Management Goals

In addition to the savings you can achieve with more efficient irrigation, rebate programs exist in many water districts as an added incentive to implement water conservation measures. The Gachina team can walk you through the rebate process, identifying opportunities for savings on irrigation hardware upgrades and sustainable landscape conversions, helping you maximize your investment in our collective effort to safeguard the Bay Area’s limited water supply.

Learn how Waterfluence can help you save.  Contact Gachina Landscape Management at 650-853-0400 for more information on cutting-edge water management techniques for your Bay Area, Palo Alto, Burlingame, San Francisco, San Jose, Pleasanton, Hayward, Fremont, Livermore, or Walnut Creek property today.