sustainable landscaping

Our sustainable landscaping services save water, reduce garden waste, and result in beautiful landscapes. A sustainable landscape protects your investment with environmentally-friendly and sound horticultural practices.

reduce, conserve & repurpose

We design sustainable landscapes to be attractive, harmonious with the environment and requiring minimal resources. Sustainable landscaping practices include soil management, proper plant selection and resource conservation. These are used in every phase of landscaping including design, construction, implementation and management to reduce water consumption while minimizing erosion, runoff and the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We can actually improve the health and appearance of your plants through better management of the earth’s most precious resource…water.

Sustainable landscaping provides increased plant health and longevity, and is self-perpetuating over time.

our sustainable practices include:

  • Turf removal (conversions)
  • Installation of drought tolerant / native plant material
  • Organic fertilization programs
  • IPM – Integrated Pest Management
  • Use of reclaimed water
  • Natural pruning
  • Deep root watering and fertilization
  • Pest control with beneficial insects
  • Use of battery-operated equipment
  • Sheet mulching
  • Grass & leaf cycling (mulch mowing)
  • Green waste recycling
  • Removal of invasive weeds and plant material
  • Mulching with arbor chips
  • Bee habitats
  • Green roofs

Learn more about our sustainable landscaping practices here.

Our employees practice sustainability by making environmentally responsible decisions to reduce our carbon footprint through conservation, efficient use or resources and minimizing pollution. We can help you reach LEED Certification status. We will prevent the overapplication of nutrients. No ammonia-based fertilizers, biosolid-based fertilizers, synthetic quick-release fertilizers, of “weed and feed” formulations. Blanket applications of herbicides are prohibited.


Gachina is proud to be part of the move toward incorporating “green” roofs into the architecture of buildings. Planting greenery atop roofs is becoming popular in both urban areas and the suburbs as a way to moderate climate change, reduce energy consumption, develop biodiversity and help wildlife. Sustainable green roofs maintained by Gachina are an exciting innovation that benefits building owners and the community.

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