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Sustainable Landscaping Practices: Part 1

Sustainable Landscaping Practices Save Time, Money & Resources

sustainable landscape

Have you grown weary of trying to keep up with landscape maintenance tasks? Taking a different perspective on these tasks could help you take a load off, benefitting the earth just as significantly. Switching to more sustainable landscaping practices could help you keep your trees, plants, and turf in balance with the changing environment with minimal effort. By using more ecologically friendly, proactive practices, you can ensure your greenery will not become an unnecessary burden on personal resources such as time and labor, or natural resources such as water and soil health.

Know Before You Grow

For many, integrating sustainable landscape practices involves a paradigm shift from reactive care, looking instead to proactive grounds design and landscape maintenance with these objectives in mind:

  • Sustain and maintain
    • Prevent environmental damage
    • Minimize the consumption of resources
    • Improve watersheds and protect water quality
  • Renew and revive
    • Enhance the ecosystem with plant selection
    • Increase biodiversity by introducing plants that naturally regenerate and restore
    • Enrich soils, such as through composting your clippings
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Reap What You Sow

These goals may seem a bit overwhelming for those newly introduced to the concept of sustainable landscaping, however they are surprisingly easy to achieve, offering a significant return on investment. You could save as much as:

  • 50-90% water savings
  • 30-70% labor savings
  • 85-95% weed suppression – without herbicides
  • 53 tons per acre greenhouse gas reduction

8 Steps to Creating a Sustainable Landscape

In partnership with ReScape California, the new umbrella organization for EcoLandscape California, River-Friendly Landscaping, Bay-Friendly Landscape & Gardening, Sacramento Stormwater Quality Partnership, and StopWaste, Gachina Landscape Management can help you learn and implement a new “whole-systems” sustainable approach to landscaping and grounds care. Our 28 ReScape Certified Landscape Professionals can help you achieve sustainably managed, beautiful grounds using these 8 principles for regenerative landscaping design:

  1. Act locally
  2. Reduce waste
  3. Nurture soil
  4. Sequester carbon
  5. Save water
  6. Conserve energy
  7. Protect water and air
  8. Create habitat

Learn simple ways to achieve these goals on your landscape in part two of this blog series, “Sustainable Landscaping Practices: How to Make the Shift” from Gachina Landscape Management or contact one of our ReScape Certified Landscape Professionals at 866-848-4634 today.