water management and conservation

Our water management and conservation services minimize and reduce the amount of water used in your landscapes. Our efforts ensure maximum water efficiency.

Water conservation is a prime concern for California. Gachina Landscape Management is taking a leadership role in providing services to reduce water usage on your properties. By the use of GIS mapping (geographic information system), we are able to provide our clients with cutting edge, visual connections to your property and its water supply system. This helps you to better understand our proposed upgrades and make more informed decisions.

Access your information using any connected device, wherever you are. Share your GIS map with subcontractors and other service providers, so they can avoid valuable irrigation infrastructure. Also, other important utilities can be added to your GIS maps, expanding them beyond just irrigation assets. We are committed to providing proper care for your valuable landscape. Be assured that we are your proactive partner in a water management plan that protects your investment. We want to make your job easier through continuity of workflow information. We continually train our team in best practices to manage your landscape budget. Gachina Landscape offers a full-range of drought management services. Learn how we can help you conserve water and save money.

water management and conservation rebate programs

In addition to being sustainable, water management and conservation techniques can provide you with cost savings in terms of both water usage and rebates. Rebate programs are available in many water districts for irrigation hardware upgrades and landscape conversions to drought tolerant and climate appropriate plant selections. As an incentive to participate, increased rebate amounts and unique opportunities are available to help you maximize your investment in new water conservation technology. These new technologies ensure we can do more with our limited water supply. We have the expertise to help you:

  • Find the best weather-based irrigation controllers that will provide the fastest return on investment and minimize drought damage to your landscape.
  • Redesign your irrigation system with innovative matched precipitation rate rotating nozzles to help minimize overspray and misting.
  • Ensure your system operates at peak performance with pressure regulation and the latest in leak prevention.
  • Achieve the highest possible uniformity and efficiency through the use of the latest drip irrigation technology.
  • Walk you through the rebate process.

See the links below to discover more information about Bay Area Water Management and Conservation Rebate Programs in your county.

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Gachina Landscape Management Water is a limited natural resource, heavily impacted by the built environment. Stop by our booth at the 16th annual Water Conservation Showcase on Thursday, 3.21 at PG&E Pacific Energy Buildin... read more

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