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Smart Irrigation Controller Hardware

Face the Future: Install Smart Irrigation Controller Hardware

smart irrigation controllers - commercial landscape managementFor businesses committed to water conservation, installing smart irrigation controller hardware is a necessity, not a luxury.

Gachina Landscape Management initially installed water-saving technology for companies concerned about severe drought conditions and rising utility costs.

Our clients continue to request installation of smart controllers today, even though the drought has eased. For environmentally responsible companies that want to save earth’s precious resources, modern irrigation technology is essential.

The Benefits of Smart Irrigation Controller Hardware

Developed nearly 20 years ago, smart irrigation controllers monitor several conditions including temperature, humidity, soil moisture, drainage, and the type of landscape. The controllers then telecommunicate the data to your irrigation system, which dispenses the exact amount of water required.

For a relatively small investment, smart technology offers several benefits:

  • Controllers can cut water use by 30 percent or more. Grass, plants, flowers and trees grow stronger and healthier because watering is so precise. Overwatering is a chief reason for mildew, fungus, and root rot in a landscape.                    
  • You can customize watering programs to account for minute changes in conditions from one watering zone to another. For instance, a section of sloping landscape with slightly sandier soil may need more irrigation. Watering amounts can be adjusted on a daily basis depending on weather and other factors.
  • You can easily change irrigation schedules even if you’re not on the property. If you want to postpone watering for any reason, you can do so remotely. There’s no need to adjust the irrigation system manually.

We’re One of the Area’s Leading Smart Irrigation Controller Hardware Companies

water usage reduction servicesThe Gachina Landscape Management team has outfitted hundreds of Bay Area clients with smart irrigation controllers over the past 15 years.

In order to schedule your watering program for maximum effectiveness, our staff first analyzes your business’ water usage over an extended period. We then examine various characteristics of your landscape, incorporating climate data as well. 

We perform installations quickly, often taking less than a day. The system is then programmed to begin an earth-friendly watering schedule that helps your company’s bottom line.