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Unique Fertilizer for Earth-Friendly Plant Growth

Over 200 big companies have signed a climate pledge to eliminate carbon emissions by 2040. Since over 80% of carbon emissions in fertilizer come from sourcing and manufacturing, eliminating supply chain emissions offers a quick, impactful way to reach this goal. In partnership with Upcycle, the sustainable landscaping experts at Gachina are proud to bring you a unique fertilizer for earth-friendly plant growth that turns landscaping and farms into tools to fight climate change. Upcycle Active Fertilizer offers a lower emission alternative to conventional fertilizers. This revolutionary new product grows plants while regenerating, conditioning, and improving the soil, helping the environment with every use.

Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

Upcycle Active Fertilizer builds and supports soil and plants without the polluting chemicals of “quick fix” passive fertilizers. For every 1 pound of Upcycle Active Fertilizer you use, you’ll eliminate 11 pounds of carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. That’s over 45,000 pounds of carbon per acre. Upcycle Active Fertilizer not only fuels better plant growth today, it promotes healthy soil tomorrow. It’s the first fertilizer of its kind – and the last you’ll ever need.

What Makes Upcycle Active Fertilizer Different?

Upcycle Active Fertilizer is the only fertilizer that:

  • Helps you use less fertilizer
  • Protects water
  • Improves soil quality
  • Eliminates carbon emissions

Like any standard or synthetic fertilizer, Upcycle Active Fertilizer provides the nutrients your plants need. But protecting our health and environment demands more. Plants need resilient soil. Resilient soil depends on healthier microbes. Upcycle Active Fertilizer provides the food microbes need to grow – up to 200% more in 90 days.

How Does Upcycle Active Fertilizer Stack Up Against Passive Fertilizer?

Compared to passive fertilizers, Upcycle Active Fertilizer works with nature, supporting a healthier ecosystem by:

  • Facilitating 20% more carbon sequestration
  • Reducing watering by 15% or more, and fertilizer use by up to 25%.
  • Reducing major diseases by up to 99%
  • Improving stress adaptation by 380%
  • Yielding 11,000% more pseudomonas, a favored plant bioinoculant
  • Producing 18% larger roots and 5% greater density in plant life
  • Providing a 16% improvement in zinc mobilization and a 144% increase in heavy metal breakdown

Learn More About Adding Upcycle Active Fertilizer to Your Plant Health Care Regimen

Don’t feed the problem with passive fertilizer. Learn more about this unique fertilizer for earth-friendly plant growth and how it can help your business achieve its sustainability goals. Contact your local Bay Area Gachina Landscape Management team at 650-853-0400 to learn more about sustainable landscaping solutions today.