smart irrigation hand controller
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Rain? No Rain? Time to Invest in Commercial Irrigation and Water Management

smart irrigation hand controller

Bay Area precipitation levels can be a wild roller coaster ride. Record December 2021 rainfall was soon followed by a record drop in the first two months of 2022. Our region is in the worst megadrought in 1,200 years. Water cutbacks will likely continue for commercial properties, HOA’s, retail centers, and campuses. No one knows how long restrictions will last. Now is the time to invest in commercial irrigation and water management to protect your landscape investments and maximize irrigation potential. How can you ensure plant health while conserving water and saving money?

Use Smart Irrigation Controllers to Monitor Site Conditions

Gachina specializes in installing and managing smart irrigation controllers. This technology uses sensors to observe site conditions, adjusting water application based on:

  • Irrigation system style
  • Soil conditions (wet, dry)
  • Soil type
  • Sunlight exposure
  • Evapotranspiration (transfer of water from soil to air)
  • Plant types

This crucial data prevents under and overwatering, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Upgrade Your Commercial Irrigation Equipment

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Modernize your sprinkler systems, swapping old nozzle technology for new, matched precipitation rate rotating nozzles to minimize overspray and misting. Better still, make the switch to drip irrigation to achieve the most uniform, efficient watering possible, maximizing every drop of water.

Integrate Pressure Regulation and Leak Prevention Technology

You can’t fix a problem you’re not aware of. Fortunately, today’s latest leak prevention technology can alert you of potential issues. Monitoring changes in irrigation system water flow and ground conditions ensures rapid leak identification, preventing overwatering and wastage.

Reuse Runoff with Rain Barrels

Rain barrels and other water saving containers, such as cisterns, are an excellent way to reduce reliance on potable water from your local water supply for irrigation. These systems work well with drip irrigation, featuring a low discharge pressure. Larger collection tanks prevent runoff and erosion with routine use or emptying between rainfalls. As an added benefit, your collected water can be used anytime, even during water restrictions.

Start Saving – Schedule an Irrigation Audit Today

Gachina’s team of Bay Area commercial landscape contractors can evaluate your irrigation system, identify distribution issues, broken or leaky components, and suggest irrigation system improvements to reduce water use. We’ll help you maximize your investment, identifying available local rebates and incentive programs that encourage upgrades to more waterwise options.

Preparation for the changing climate is essential. Whether you have rain or no rain, commercial irrigation and water management is a wise investment. Contact Gachina Landscape Management at 650-853-0400 to schedule an irrigation audit for your San Jose, SF Bay Area, East Bay, or South Bay property today.