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Water Wise Ideas for Landscaping

water management for commercial landscape

Conserving water is essential throughout the drought-prone Bay Area. Gachina knows it takes all of us to safeguard this precious resource. Our water management department offers these water wise ideas for landscaping to help your business reduce dependence on limited water resources while protecting your landscaping investment so that you can support the community.

Water Your Commercial Landscape According to the Weather

Use the forecast as an irrigation planning tool. When weather is cool or rainy, when plants and trees require less water, hold off on irrigation. When temperatures climb, increase watering frequency when possible, paying particular attention to landscaping that looks stressed. Technology used by our commercial landscape contractors, such as smart controllers with rain sensing technology, hydrometers, and landscape meters, make this a snap. These devices automatically adjust based on environmental conditions, delivering up to 30% in water savings.

Prioritize Watering Landscaping Essentials

When water restrictions are in effect, focus your irrigation efforts on maintaining greenery that serves as your landscape design foundation, such as large trees, showy and costly foliage and flowers, or prized perennials.

Follow Water Restrictions and Set a Schedule

Stay up to date on the latest water restrictions. It is common for watering to be prohibited in the middle of the day between 9 am and 6 pm, when water loss from evaporation is more likely to occur. Irrigating in the early morning and late evening offers your plants the greatest opportunity to absorb water.

Choose the Right Commercial Landscape Irrigation Method

When you can’t rely on nature for rain, these irrigation methods offer the best choice:

Rain barrels

smart irrigation for commercial properties

Our landscape management team recommends rain barrels or cisterns (water holding tanks) as part of a multi-prong approach to water conservation. Placing them at downspouts is ideal for reducing runoff and sourcing and storing water for plants without relying on potable water.

Drip irrigation for commercial landscapes

Drip irrigation prevents waste when carefully located over root systems. It also offers the added bonus of discouraging weed growth.

Deep root water and fertilization

When properly implemented by our plant health care experts, deep root watering replenishes groundwater, helping soil retain moisture and trees better absorb water and nutrients through their root system.

Upgrade to Drought Tolerant Landscaping

When it’s time to update your garden or replace plants lost to severe drought, rethink your plan to plant an abundance of grass, instead opting for drought-tolerant shrubs and groundcover. Choosing native, climate-friendly plants is an effective way to meet your water management goals. It’s also an excellent way to reduce landscape maintenance, as these options require minimal care.

Improve Soil Health

Ensure healthy soil with a simple soil test. Cover with mulch to keep the soil moist and exclude water-thieving weeds. Apply only natural soil amendments as indicated, avoiding chemical fertilizers, which decrease organic matter in soil and its ability to retain water over time.

Save on Irrigation Improvements with Utility Rebates 

Gachina’s staff is here to help you identify and take advantage of commercial water rebates and incentives to maximize your irrigation system improvement investment and make waterwise landscaping upgrades more affordable. Applying for these rebates before beginning your project could save you thousands.

Keep your commercial landscape beautiful while preserving water with these and other water wise ideas for landscaping from Gachina Landscape Management. Contact us at 650-853-0400 to schedule an irrigation audit for your San Jose Bay Area, Palo Alto, Burlingame, Pleasanton, Hayward, Fremont, Livermore, or Walnut Creek business today.