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Landscape Management Resolutions for 2021

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Now is the perfect time to look forward to the coming year, setting landscape management goals for your commercial property or HOA. Improving the condition of your green spaces sets an attractive stage for your business or housing community. It also makes your life easier, reducing future maintenance and expense. Make small changes that have a big impact on your commercial landscape design. Ring in the new year with these landscape management resolutions for 2021.

Makeover Your Grounds with Beautiful New Greenery Additions

Small changes can have a dramatic impact on the appearance and health of your Bay Area landscape. With our landscape enhancement services, you can adorn your grounds with affordable and beautiful planting additions that residents can enjoy during their increased time at home or set the stage for a welcoming return as business resumes in the coming year. Making landscape design improvements is easier than you may think. Adding a pop of color with a few new plants and trees, pruning straggly greenery, adding essential nutrients that support lush plants, and mulching can transform even the dreariest grounds into an urban oasis.

Upgrade Pathways for Safety and Improved Use

Over the years, and more recently as your employees or residents have ventured out to relieve feelings of confinement during the COVID crisis, you may see new pathways worn into your grounds from increased foot traffic. Now is the time to upgrade these spaces to reflect actual use, restoring and widening frequently used trails and adding new walking paths. The addition of steppingstones, crushed granite, and other materials to outline pathways offers twofold protection, safeguarding plants and pedestrians.

With the new year and health in mind, you may also wish to consider upgrading your landscape to help your employees and residents follow through with their own 2021 goals, incorporating a walking trail or fitness loop to your grounds. Green spaces positively affect physical and mental health, reducing stress and blood pressure, and raising morale. They are an excellent way to attract new residents to your community or talent to your business.

Enhance Tree Health and Control Pests with Professional Tree and Arbor Services

Identify and address small issues quickly and inexpensively with our tree and arbor services before they turn into larger, costlier problems. Addressing nutrient deficiencies that can make your plants more susceptible to disease or identifying and treating pest infestations early cost a lot less than removing and replacing a tree that has succumbed to health issues.

Save Money and the Earth with Smarter Water Use

Replace fussy, pampered plants on your grounds with native species that require less intensive care and irrigation. Our ReScape California certified sustainable landscaping experts can beautify your landscape with drought-tolerant, robust plants perfectly suited to your microclimate. We can also help you preserve our most precious resource while reducing monthly utility costs with irrigation system enhancements like drip irrigation, pressure regulated sprinklers, and smart weather and moisture sensing technology.

Meet your 2021 landscape management resolutions with help from Gachina Landscape Management. Fill out our online form to request a proposal and put our award-winning landscape services to work for your Bay Area, Palo Alto, Burlingame, San Francisco, San Jose, Pleasanton, Hayward, Fremont, Livermore, or Walnut Creek area business today.