low water commercial landscape
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Implement Low Water Commercial Landscapes Now 

low water commercial landscape


Is the current drought taking a toll on your commercial landscape? Prevent your property from losing value and curb appeal. Fall is the perfect time to update your landscape design. Gachina can assist you in creating a water-efficient landscape with drought-tolerant plants and waterwise irrigation. We promise you that saving water and maintaining a healthy, inviting landscape is possible. Implement low water commercial landscapes now – before next spring. 

Partner with Our Sustainable Landscape Experts 

A knowledgeable commercial landscape contractor makes all the difference in achieving a successful low water landscape design. Gachina’s sustainable landscaping contractors are here to help you meet your landscape renovation and budgetary goals. We have the knowledge and experience to make the best plant choices for your Bay Area property’s microclimate and to help you upgrade old and inefficient irrigation technology with efficient water management solutions.  

Choose Water Efficient Plants 

Plant selection plays a primary role in landscape water consumption. Our design experts can provide you with native plant options suited to the growing conditions on your Bay Area property that require much less water to survive, particularly compared to thirsty non-native grass. In addition to reducing watering needs, upgrading to drought-tolerant plants also offers improved resistance to pests and diseases, minimizing plant health care needs.  

Position Plants for Optimal Health 

Putting plants in the right location is as vital to their health and longevity as plant selection. Certain plants require more sunlight and water than others. Our landscape renovation professionals know what greenery will thrive in each zone on your grounds, grouping plants with similar sunlight and irrigation needs together to reduce water use and foster a healthy, beautiful landscape. 

Reduce Commercial Irrigation Costs with Smart Irrigation 

Replacing old irrigation controllers with a smart irrigation system saves water and money. Smart irrigation technology offers advantages beyond timed operation, featuring a multitude of sensors that: 

  • Apply water based on landscape conditions and weather forecast 
  • Turn off your commercial irrigation system when it’s raining 
  • Monitor water consumed to prevent waste 
  • Detect valve malfunctions and broken lines 
  • Automatically shut down with unusually high flow and alert you of potential leaks  

Time Your Irrigation Wisely 

Update irrigation system operating parameters from season to season as irrigation needs change with the weather. Only give your plants water when they need it. Avoid watering during the heat of the day, opting for deep early morning watering to reduce evaporation. Our sustainable landscaping experts can help you determine how much and how often to operate your irrigation system, so you’re not over or underwatering for the time of year.  

Monitor Performance with Regular Irrigation System Inspections 

Ongoing irrigation maintenance is key to minimizing watering use. We recommend monthly irrigation system inspections to ensure issues are identified rapidly. Our local landscape professionals can quickly find broken or leaking lines, spray heads and valves, clogged components, or improper irrigation system controller settings, reducing water consumption and waste. 

Save water and enjoy a beautiful, thriving landscape. Take advantage of available rebates and incentives before they dry up – implement low water commercial landscapes now. Contact Gachina Landscape Management at 650-853-0400 to schedule a consultation at your San Jose Area, East Bay, Fremont, Livermore, Pleasanton, San Francisco Peninsula, South Bay, Morgan Hill, or Gilroy commercial property today.