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Corporate Landscaping Sets an Image

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Your corporate landscape sets an image that reflects on your brand and reputation. What does your landscaping say about your business? Make an excellent initial impression and stand out from the competition with an upgrade to sustainable, drought tolerant landscaping. Showcase your business’ priorities, reflecting your commitment to helping the Bay Area community preserve water and safeguard the environment. Set the stage for positive community relations with a beautiful, waterwise commercial landscape.

Benefits of a Water-Efficient Landscape Design

Californians use half their urban water resources on landscape irrigation. With worsening drought conditions, this precious resource is rapidly dwindling. Safeguard the environment and support the community, taking advantage of opportunities to improve water efficiency in your commercial landscape. You can achieve significant water savings with commercial landscape design improvements. Rebates and incentives are available to make it easier and more affordable for your business. How can you improve your corporate landscape design?

Replace Lush, Thirsty Lawns with Beautiful Low Water Plants and Trees

Drought tolerant, native plants and trees reduce irrigation needs and monthly utility costs, remaining vibrant and beautiful despite climate challenges to uphold your business image and property value. Join area businesses and housing communities, removing and replacing grass and non-native, water-intensive greenery with drought-tolerant groundcover, plants, and trees. We offer many beautiful options. As an added incentive, a sustainable landscape reduces maintenance costs, from mowing and edging to chemical fertilizing and weed control. It also replaces habitat lost to development, further benefitting the environment.

Our corporate landscape design experts can assist you in choosing options suited to your property’s microclimate, grouping them based on sun, shade, and irrigation needs for optimal performance. We can also recommend soil improvements to improve moisture retention and enhance the health of your new drought-resistant commercial landscape, such as aeration, drainage, fertilizers, compost, mulch, and xeriscaping.

Install and Manage Advanced Irrigation Systems

Is your irrigation system compliant with the latest MWELO requirements? Outdated irrigation systems waste water, cause runoff, and inflate utility costs. Upgrading your commercial irrigation system to drip irrigation and water-saving rotating nozzles, monitored by a weather-based smart irrigation controller, offers substantial water savings while safeguarding plant health. One of our most popular products, WeatherTRAK by Hydropoint, provides an ideal solution. These smart irrigation controllers handle the biggest jobs, offering compatibility with equipment from multiple manufacturers. Smart controllers far surpass timer technology, offering:

  • Remote programming and monitoring
  • Leak detection
  • Automatic response to changing weather conditions, such as rain, sun exposure, and temperature
  • Ground condition monitoring for precise water application
  • Customization based on plant type, soil composition, and slope

These two-wire systems install quickly, offering savings on rewiring and trenching. As with sustainable landscaping, rebates and incentives are available to help you make the switch and aid in the fight to safeguard the Bay Area water supply.

Ensure Success with Help from Our Commercial Landscape Management Experts

Successfully reducing water use relies on your choice of commercial landscape contractors. We have the knowledge and experience to help you succeed, from landscape design and care to drought management and irrigation system design and maintenance. We proudly serve communities across the Bay Area, including San Francisco, South San Francisco, San Bruno, San Lorenzo, Hayward, and Fremont, providing customized, year-round services.

Create a corporate landscape that reflects positively on your business. Achieve your water conservation goals and set an image that showcases your environmental goals with help from Gachina Landscape Management. Contact us at 650-853-0400 to schedule a corporate landscape analysis for your commercial property, or fill out our online contact form today.