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August 21 is National Honey Bee Day

california native plants

August 21 is National Honey Bee Day. Join the Gachina team and beekeepers nationwide as we celebrate the sweet benefits of the insect that plays a leading role in producing one-third of the foods we eat, spreading the love and pollinating flowers and crops across the US. Together, we can protect this essential species for future generations, teaming up and promoting sustainable landscaping practices in the Bay Area. How can you advance beekeeping?

Design a Bee Friendly Landscape

Invite bees onto your commercial property, showcasing your business’ commitment to safeguarding this friendly pollinator. Protect, promote, and preserve pollinator health by integrating bee habitat essentials onto your property or becoming a certified Bee Friendly Farmer (BFF), gardener, or urban beekeeper. Implement positive, incremental changes, including nectar and pollen-bearing flowers for food, offering clean water, and incorporating habitat for nesting like hedgerows or buffer strips of brush. Connect with others, building support in your industry and the community while enjoying the benefits of inviting bees into your landscape.

Host a Buzz-Worthy Event

Plan a Honey Bee Day event. Register your event with local organizations and spread the word, sharing it with clients, associates, and friends on social media.

  • Connect with local beekeepers, hosting an event so your customers and neighboring businesses can learn more about the buzzy bumble and area apiary programs
  • Educate people in your community about the ways this beneficial insect supports healthy ecosystems, fostering acceptance for local hives
  • Get the word out about biological, chemical, and environmental hazards impacting honey bee hives
  • Promote your bee-pollinated crops or a hold a honey-tasting, featuring local honey, showcasing the amazing and tasty talents of bees
  • Make a donation to support National Honey Bee Day to support bee education programs in schools and environmental centers nationwide
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Support Sustainable Plant Health Care Practices

Ensure a safe environment for honey bees, safeguarding this prolific pollinator against the dangers of insecticides and habitat loss by choosing integrated pest management practices. At Gachina, our team members are big fans of beneficial insects like the honey bee because they are one of our strongest allies in keeping Bay Area landscapes beautiful and healthy. We work hard to keep them well, avoiding practices that put beneficial insects in the environment like bees at risk. By embracing sustainable landscaping management solutions over chemical alternatives, you can show your support.

August 21 is National Honey Bee Day. Celebrate it with Gachina Landscape Management. Contact us at 650-853-0400 to learn more sustainable, bee-friendly landscape maintenance and plant health care options for your Bay Area, Palo Alto, Burlingame, San Francisco, San Jose, Pleasanton, Hayward, Fremont, Livermore, or Walnut Creek area business today.