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‘Tis the Season to… Fertilize Your Property’s Valuable Trees

deep root fertilization - winter, northern californiaThe past few years of drought have taken a toll on your landscapes most valuable investment – your trees. To combat this drought, Gachina recommends deep root water and fertilization. Gachina employs a method of injecting a 100% organic compost tea enhanced with Mycorrhizae to strengthen your trees root system.

A strong root system increases the health and stability of trees, improves canopy color and fullness. The more coverage a root system has, the larger the area from which a tree can retrieve water and nutrients needed.

The 100% organic compost tea can be applied not only at root level but on trunks, branches, twigs, leaves and flowers for an overall boost of the specimen. It does not stain or has a foul smell.

The fact that it is 100% derived from organic material has a huge meaning for our company and current clients. The ability to provide nutrients to the landscape without increasing pollution to our streams, Bay deep root fertilization and ground mulching services san jose caand wildlife reflects our value and serious commitment to the environment. Gachina utilizes sustainable landscape practices whenever possible.

Gachina Landscape Management also provides non-organic deep root fertilization services by utilizing slow release fertilizer options, both in granular and liquid form. This service will also help your trees.

Now it is the time to strengthen your trees. This will allow them to grow stronger and healthier next year and able to endure another drought season, in case winter 2016-17 doesn’t deliver enough rain.

Contact Gachina Landscape today for a free quote. Let us protect your landscapes most valuable asset.

Cristina Prevarin, Sustainable Landscape & PHC Manager