rescape certification
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Proudly ReScape Certified

rescape certified

Gachina is part of the growing number of Bay Area businesses joining together in the fight against climate change. Landscape management and maintenance produces 12% of greenhouse gas emissions, presenting many opportunities for sustainability improvements, and we offer many services to help you achieve these goals. We are proudly ReScape certified, offering a wide variety of environmentally friendly commercial landscape services.

Why Choose a ReScape Certified Landscape Management Company?

ReScape certified professionals provide nature-based, environmentally sound solutions, choosing a long-term, whole-systems approach over short-term fixes. Our team has been trained in regenerative landscape practices by experts in plant selection, soil health, waterwise irrigation, integrated pest management, and more. Our ultimate goal is to leave the earth better than before, nurturing resources rather than consuming or destroying them.

We create and maintain healthy, drought-tolerant, sustainable landscapes using regenerative principles that take environmental issues to heart. To reduce the impact of climate change, our ReScape certified landscape management company focuses on:

  • Strengthening soil health and vitality and restoring topsoil
  • Increasing biodiversity, restoring lost habitat, and enhancing the ecosystem
  • Reducing water consumption and improving the water cycle
  • Increasing resilience against climate change with drought-tolerant landscape designs

ReScape’s Eight Principles of Supporting the Environment

ReScape’s environmentally friendly landscaping practices focus on eight core principles, each of which impacts the whole:

rescape certification

1.      Act local

Select the best plants for each location, avoiding invasive species. Landscapes designed sustainably with the local habitat and microclimate in mind require fewer resources than conventional landscapes.

2.      Reduce waste

Compost, mulch, and recycle plant debris to reduce plant-based landfill waste.

3.      Nurture soil

Feed the soil, not the plant, supporting a wide variety of beneficial microorganisms and creatures that provide nutrients, store water, and help plants naturally resist pests and diseases.

4.      Sequester carbon

Healthy vegetation, together with a diverse soil microbiome, naturally removes airborne carbon dioxide, storing it in the soil to help mitigate the effects of climate change.

5.      Save water

Select drought-tolerant, low water use plants. Conserve water with healthy, drought-resistant soil topped with compost and mulch while taking advantage of storm, grey, and recycled water. Use the most efficient irrigation options available, including drip systems and self-adjusting, weather-based controllers.

6.      Conserve energy

Buy local, reducing the need to transport landscape items. Choose low-maintenance plants that require less mowing/trimming. Add shade trees and bushes over buildings and pavement to reduce the heat island effect

7.      Protect water and air

Prevent pollution in communities and watersheds, ensuring a healthy environment in underserved communities. Plant more trees to absorb CO2 and pollutants. Avoid chemical fertilizers and pesticides and minimize runoff by maximizing permeable surfaces.

8.      Create habitat

Choose a diverse array of native plants that provides shelter and food for birds, bees, butterflies, and other beneficial creatures. Biodiversity is crucial to supporting healthy, resilient ecosystems.

Reinvent your commercial landscape and support the environment with our proudly ReScape certified landscape management services. Contact Gachina Landscape Management at 650-853-0400 to schedule a consultation for your San Jose Bay Area, Palo Alto, Burlingame, Pleasanton, Hayward, Fremont, Livermore, or Walnut Creek business or fill out our online contact form today.