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Plant Health Care Services

plant health care

The health of your plant material is a key component in creating a lively and beautiful outdoor space. At Gachina, we tailor our plant health care services to fit your plants and your property’s micro-climate. We create seasonal health care plans to ensure that your landscape always receives optimal care.

Gachina Landscape Management is your Bay area expert for all plant health care services. We lend our professional touch to commercial landscapes including HOAs and estates, corporate campuses, office parks, retail centers and schools.

We offer month by month care

Plant need’s in your commercial landscape vary depending on the time of year and local conditions such as sun and wind exposure, rainfall amounts, drainage and more. That’s why we break our plant health care services into monthly plans designed to work in conjunction with your property’s seasonal changes.

After the long, hot summers often seen in the Bay area, fall is the right time to nurse your sun-stroked landscape back to health with:

  • Weed control, utilizing both pre- and post-emergent treatments for weed grasses and broad-leafed weeds.
  • Palm tree and fall turf fertilization.
  • Slug and snail control.
  • Compost application, for long-term soil texture and nutrient level improvement.
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Our September plan focuses on pre-emergent herbicides, which prevent germination of certain weed seeds (primarily grasses), and post-emergent herbicides, which target a broad spectrum of weeds that are already growing. We also apply compost, which provides helpful nutrients and improves the tilth, or texture and moisture-holding capabilities of your soil.

October is also a great time to apply compost and post-emergent weed control. We also apply fertilizer to your turf and palms. This will help strengthen their root systems to help them survive the cold months and flourish next spring.

The cool, wet months are perfect for slugs and snails, so we time our applications of control for these pests to prevent their populations exploding and the concurrent damage to your landscape.

Each month brings its own challenges when it comes to plant health care, so our experts follow a comprehensive seasonal guide to manage your landscape’s overall health during the winter, spring, summer and fall. We offer the plant health care services you need at exactly the right time to get the best results.

Seasonal health plans for your plants

With over 30 years of landscaping experience, Gachina Landscape Management understands the diverse microclimates in the Bay area, and we can tailor a plant health care plan to your property’s specific requirements. We take pride in creating and maintaining healthy and beautiful landscapes for each of our clients.

Let us create a plan for seasonal plant health care services to help your commercial landscape thrive. Click here to visit us online or call us today at 650-853-0400.