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Organic Pest Control

Choose Organic Pest Control for Your Landscape

beneficial insects lady beatlesWhen your business chooses organic pest control for your commercial landscape, the entire planet and the people that live in it, benefit.

The use of chemicals to control pests, diseases and rodents negatively affects the overall environment in many ways. When applied in even a small area year after year, poisons can taint groundwater supplies, pollute the air, and tilt the ecosystem’s delicate balance.

Another drawback to using synthetic pesticides: pests develop a resistance to chemicals. As pesticides become less effective over time, your costs go up as you need to apply the chemicals in higher amounts to maintain control  over rodents, diseases and insects.

Gachina Landscape Management believes the risks of using conventional pesticides outweigh the benefits. In the hands of our experienced team, organic pest control is an affordable, effective way to handle infestations of all types.

Components of Organic Pest Control

The Gachina team approaches an infestation in several ways, depending on the particular pest and extent of the problem. Components of organic pest control we use on your property may include: 

  • Releasing beneficial insects. Ladybugs, lacewings, predatory mites, and soldier bugs help a landscape thrive. They feed on destructive insects such as aphids, mites and caterpillars. 
  • Apply OMRI certified products. The Organic Materials Review Institute certifies products that are allowed to be used in an organic production and processing. Our experience team is train to apply new products that help maintaining pest under the desired damage threshold.
  • Following IPM principles. Monitoring of the pest population by using visual inspection and sticky traps, establishing damage threshold with the clients, evaluation of pest presence, monitoring again; the repetition of this process allows our experienced team to make the right call at the right time.
  • Soil and tissue sampling. Often sending samples to the laboratory is necessary to confirm a certain fungal or bacterial manifestation. Even the lack of certain mineral/nutrient can cause a plant to get weak to the point that it may succumb to predators.
  • Installing plants that resist pests. Plants and shrubs native to California are less likely to attract damaging insects than non-native plant materials. Many native plants attract beneficial insects, too. 
  • Employing methods such as hand-picking or spraying with water. Our employees often manually remove bugs or knock them off plants with high-pressure water at the first signs of an infestation. 
  • Removal of breeding areas. Pests such as snails and millipedes take shelter in leaf litter. Removing ground debris and draining areas of standing water will reduce the chances that pests will reproduce.

Benefits of Organic Pest Control

Organic Pest Control Gachina recommends organic pest control to our commercial clients as part of a comprehensive program to bring their landscapes back into harmony with nature. Along with implementing sustainable landscaping practices and installing water-saving irrigation systems, organic pest control suits companies that prefer an environmentally friendly approach.

The benefits of organic pest control to business such as yours include:

  • Improved health to plants and shrubs. Compared to artificial chemicals, fertilizing with natural components provides a slower and longer lasting release of nutrients. The entire plant benefits from this steady supply and grows at a steady pace, rather than the flush of soft growth that is produced by fast-acting chemical fertilizers. The rapid growth that results from chemical fertilizers is much more attractive and therefore susceptible to pests.
  • Healthier soil. Synthetic chemicals destroy precious nutrients and kill beneficial microorganisms in your soil. Natural methods of controlling pests will conserve nutrients and maintain a healthy soil ecosystem.
  • Fewer infestations. As natural methods take hold, outbreaks of pests occur less often and are less intense.
  • Minimized resistance problems. Destructive insects don’t develop resistance to organic methods. 
  • A long-term solution to dealing with pests. Conditions that include a thriving population of beneficial insects, native plants, and healthy soil discourage pests from invading your landscape.

Call Gachina for Professional Organic Pest Control

Gachina Landscape Management offers professional organic pest control services to commercial clients throughout the Bay Area, including the cities of San Jose, Mountain View, Oakland, Walnut Creek, and Danville.

To learn more about our professional organic pest control services, call 650.853.0400 today.