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Gachina Landscape Announces the Promotion of Three Executive Leadership Team Members

Gachina Landscape Management recently promoted three key employees to the executive leadership team. These three employees have over a combined 35 years experience in the industry and over 25 years with Gachina Landscape. Our company culture offers all team members the opportunity for growth and development.  We provide career paths for job advancement and we thrive because we develop talented professionals.

William Cruz, Director of Operations, Gachina Landscape Management

Senior Peninsula Branch Manager William Cruz was promoted to Director of Operations. William joined Gachina in 2004 as an Account Manager and has risen through the ranks as a highly effective leader and motivator. His new position oversees all Branch Operations and Specialized Departments. William states “our work culture is driven by core values which are engrained in the hearts and minds of each employee at Gachina.  The top 3 core values that I identify with are Passion, Sense of Urgency and Respect for Others.”

Sam Anderson Associate Branch Manager, Gachina Landscape Management

Senior Account Manager Samuel Anderson was promoted to Associate Branch Manager. Sam joined Gachina in 2012 as an Associate Account Manager and has excelled by being hands-on leader and team member. His new position oversees all operations for our Peninsula Branch. Sam comments “being a part of the Gachina family has given me so much fulfillment both professionally and personally. I have really grown up to be the man and manager I have become, in large part because of what the company has given to me. For that, I am truly fortunate. The values I connect with most are Humility, Sense of Urgency and Loyalty towards my team and the company.”

Raul Guerrero Associate Branch Manager, Gachina Landscape Management

Senior Account Manager Raul Guerrero was also promoted to Associate Branch Manager. Raul joined Gachina in 2013 as an Associate Account Manager and surpassed expectations by successfully managing our largest and extremely demanding client. His new position entails overseeing all operations for our West Branch. Raul states “the values I relate the most with are Passion, Humility and Loyalty. My teams and I try our best every day to do the right thing and make the best choices that will be reflected in the services we provide to our clients.”

Congratulations William, Sam and Raul, well deserved! Viva Gachina!

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