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Baseline Irrigation Systems Installation and Management

baseline water irrigation controllersBaseline Irrigation Systems provide our commercial clients with state-of-the-art tools to monitor water usage closely, saving water and efficiently placing water where it is needed most.

Gachina’s professionals recommend installation of Baseline irrigation products because of their quality and reliability. Baseline offers water-conserving solutions for all types of irrigation needs, including:

  • BaseStation, one of the most robust smart controllers available today. It’s ideal for large properties with irrigation systems that include hundreds of irrigation stations.
  • Soil moisture sensors, known by the brand name biSensor, that monitor on-site conditions.
  • FlowStation, a technology that manages the amount of water going through the system during irrigation. When FlowStation detects a system problem, it will halt the flow of water at the fault point.
  • These economical two-wire decoders reduce the amount of copper wiring required throughout the irrigation system. The technology simplifies programming and makes expanding or fixing your system easier and quicker.

In-Ground Sensors Set Baseline Apart

A Baseline irrigation system differentiates itself from competitors in its use of on-site soil moisture sensors. Baseline sensors measure soil moisture so accurately that the company calls them “a thermostat for your landscape.”

Installation of Baseline’s patented biSensor monitors involves burying them in the ground. Typically, one per hydrozone is required. The sensor measures moisture near the roots, which can vary significantly from zone to zone. The system then uses that detailed data to irrigate each zone with precision.

The sensors adapt to changes in soil conditions. Automatic adjusting is a boon to property managers or owners who no longer need to worry about whether the irrigation system will adapt to a dry period, or accommodate seasonal changes.

In addition to being highly sensitive to soil conditions, Baseline sensors are also tough. Even though they are embedded in the ground, the sensors continue to relay information reliably, season after season, year after year.

Baseline also offers a compact sensor tailored for enclosed spaces. The smaller sensor is ideal for containers, green walls, and for our environmentally conscious clients who maintain green roofs.

If your irrigation system has not been updated for several years, you could be wasting water. Contact Gachina Landscape Management at 650-853-0400 to learn more about the installation and management of Baseline irrigation products.