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The Gachina Team’s Roots Run Deep

Since our founding in 1988, the Gachina team has nurtured diverse properties across Daly City, CA, creating beautiful, sustainable outdoor spaces that support our goal of restoring nature through regenerative practices.
We also aim to build proactive client partnerships by encouraging open communication. Together, we can craft a solution-oriented commercial landscaping plan that revitalizes the ecosystem and creates eye-catching outdoor spaces.

Gachina Landscape Maintenance Services in Daly City, CA

Lawn Care

From mowing and edging to fertilizing and irrigation, we can ensure your commercial property in Daly City, CA, stays healthy and well-groomed all year round. Trust us to deliver outstanding lawn care services based on the specific needs of your grass.
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Tree Care

Our certified arborists emphasize proactive care by addressing minor issues before they become significant issues through deep-root fertilization and watering, compost tea application, and fruit tree pruning.
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Irrigation Systems

Gachina’s “smart” water management programs use sensors, timers, and flow meters to conserve water and reduce water waste. You benefit from the cost savings of using water only when you need it, and you can rest assured that you hold true to California’s water regulations.
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Landscape Design & Installation

We are passionate about eco-conscious landscape design that complements your commercial property while promoting long-term sustainability. Our landscaping crew emphasizes using plants native to California, as they are already adapted to the soil and require less maintenance to thrive. Gachina also engineers bioswales on commercial properties to repurpose runoff by filtering and absorbing precipitation for soil infiltration. Once installed, we’ll perform regular inspections to keep your bioswale in good working order.
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Hardscape Design & Installation

Permanent hardscaping installations like pathways, patios, and retaining walls can define the overall look of your commercial landscape design in Daly City, CA. Our team will work with you to design and install the best hardscape features for your property.

Seasonal Color & Flower Bed Maintenance

Our seasonal color and flower bed maintenance services bring visual interest to your commercial property year-round by using plants that thrive in each season. Our team will collaborate with yours to select plants and flowers to keep your landscape vibrant.
flower bed maintenance

Commercial Property Maintenance

Not sure what commercial property maintenance services you’re looking for yet? Let’s chat. We offer comprehensive landscaping that keeps every inch of your property manicured and meticulous. We’ll work together to create a plan based on your budget and needs.

Increase Your Property’s Curb Appeal With a Well-Manicured Commercial Landscape

First impressions matter, and your commercial property’s landscape is your opportunity to create a welcoming environment for your visitors and clients. We are dedicated to working with you to create a customized, comprehensive landscape maintenance plan that keeps your outdoor spaces clean, safe, and healthy.
We handle every phase of the process, from design to long-term upkeep. The Gachina team thoughtfully integrates every aspect of your landscape design in Daly City, CA, to enhance your commercial property’s curb appeal while staying true to our restorative landscaping practices.
gachina commercial property maintenance

Commercial Landscape Pest and Disease Management

Regular inspections by the trained professionals at Gachina Landscape Maintenance let you catch potential pests and diseases before they get out of control. Our approach emphasizes preventative measures, like choosing disease-resistant plant varieties and ensuring long-term soil health. When further treatments are required to get invasive species in check, we prioritize eco-friendly solutions to minimize the impact on non-target species and the surrounding ecosystem. By taking a more holistic approach to commercial landscape pest and disease management, we ensure our clients have attractive properties resilient against invaders.

An Eco-Friendly Approach and Sustainable Solutions

When we provide commercial property maintenance and landscaping, we think local.
Our installations work with the native environment, climate, plants, habitats, and natural features to conserve more resources. Through these efforts, we also work to improve soil health to encourage a thriving, living ecosystem that naturally filters pollution, stores water, nurtures plants, and removes CO2 from the air.

We also offer routine landscape maintenance in Daly City that promotes plant health and prevents soil erosion, making your outdoor space lush, well-groomed, sustainable, and functional.
Worm in soil

The Gachina team also uses cutting-edge electric landscaping tools to reduce our own carbon footprint and noise pollution.

Are you interested in working with the Gachina team? Do you want to learn more about our approach to commercial property maintenance in Daly City, CA? We encourage you to contact the Gachina team to answer any questions you might have or request a quote for your property.

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