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Solving the Mystery of Water Rebates

reduce water usage in san francisco bay areaYou’ve made the decision to conserve water. You plan to perform irrigation retrofits and turf conversions to drought tolerant plant material. Your water district offers rebates – but how do you obtain them? Turn to the experts at Gachina to walk you through the process.  Experienced employees will help you:

  1. Determine the owners budget and what projects they are going to undertake. The application is intended to be completed once the projects have been defined and then we tell the SCVWD exactly what we will be doing.
  2. Prepare proposals which will include the cost you pay Gachina, the estimated and anticipated rebate amount, and a net cost to the Owner after rebates. We typically create our proposals to maximize your budget and make sure the net cost does not exceed your budget.
  3. We work within a budget approved by the Owner, prioritize projects that fit within the budget, present proposals that the Owner approves and signs, then we finalize the rebate applications after we know exactly what is to be completed.
  4. Once a rebate application is submitted and approved, we get a notice to proceed from the water district and have 90 days to complete the project.
  5. If you are not under a current maintenance contract with Gachina, you will be billed for the irrigation inspections. If you are a current customer, the irrigation inspection is included in the monthly fee. Ideally you are a current maintenance customer to provide the best water savings customer experience.water rebate customer san jose area Customer Spotlight, Seven Springs HOA. The association has received over $43,000 in rebates. Their focus on a beautiful and low-water using landscape has resulted in over $250,000 in savings.Trust your water conservation plans to Gachina. We will help you make the most out of your water conservation efforts by assisting you in obtaining the maximum amount of rebate dollars offered by your water district. Gachina employees hold the following certifications specializing in irrigation managment:* CLT, Certified Landscape Technicians, in Irrigation – CLCA
    * CWM, Water Management Certification Program – CLCA
    * QWEL, Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper – recognized by the EPA as an irrigation auditor
    * Certified Irrigation Water Auditor – Cal Polytechnic University
    * South Bay Water Recycling Manager – Santa Clara County

    See the links below to discover more information about Bay Area Water Management and Conservation Rebate Programs in your county.