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HydroPoint Installation Management

HydroPoint Products Are Our Tools of the Trade

hydrapoint irrigation management toolsGachina Landscape Management relies on quality HydroPoint products to give our clients the very best in water-saving technology.

Based in Petaluma, HydroPoint was among the first companies to understand the value of using water wisely in the 21st century. The founders of HydroPoint – Chris Spain, Peter Carlson and Chris Manchuck – focused on the needs of end users, an overlooked segment of water management.

Today, their pioneering technology enables businesses to irrigate more efficiently. With water waste virtually eliminated, companies experience lower operating expenses and landscapes that are no longer overwatered and therefore healthy and vibrant.

Gachina uses HydroPoint’s impressive array of products to upgrade irrigation systems for commercial clients such as shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, HOAs, condo and apartment complexes, corporations and public entities. They are the tools with which our team meets the overall goal of using the earth’s resources responsibly.

HydroPoint’s Money-Saving Products and Services

water irrigation and management controllersOver the years, HydroPoint technology has saved various California public and private enterprises billions of gallons and millions of dollars. Every day, Gachina adds to that record of success by installing and managing the following HydroPoint products for our clients:

  • WeatherTRAK is HydroPoint’s signature line of irrigation equipment. Through several products, WeatherTRAK provides a broad overview of a system. Users gain insight on all aspects of irrigation, including water use, budgeting, and location of sprinklers, pumps, and valves. WeatherTRAK smart irrigation controllers are among the industry’s best. The controllers monitor weather and landscape conditions, sending data through the system in order to irrigate plants, trees, shrubs and flowers with precision.
  • OptiFlow, another WeatherTRAK product, delivers as much water as possible to a landscape in short periods. OptiFlow is designed to keep businesses in compliance with water restrictions.
  • WaterCompass allows a business to monitor water consumption from a computer and detect real-time changes in usage. WaterCompass is particularly effective in pinpointing leaks.

Gachina Landscape Management encourages any business that operates an irrigation system to research these state-of-the-art products. To learn how your landscape and bottom line can benefit from HydroPoint technology, call 650-853-0400 today.