JobTrain 2019 community outreach
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Gachina Gives JobTrain a Sustainable Facelift

JobTrain Earth Day 2019 East Palo Alto CA

On Saturday June 1st, Gachina Landscape Management participated in an Earth Day event benefiting long-time neighbor and partner JobTrain. JobTrain transforms lives from poverty and unemployment by preparing for successful, sustainable careers in high-demand and emerging fields. Eleven Gachina employees (and one employee’s son) volunteered their Saturday to pitch in on this worthwhile cause.

JobTrain East Palo Alto CA - Earth Day sustainable planting 2019

Team Gachina Peninsula Branch removed old and dated plant material and amended the soil to prepare for planting. Drought tolerant plant material was installed in its place and the irrigation adjusted for maximum water efficiency. Prochip bark was spread throughout to improve plant health and for a neat, clean appearance. Gachina donated over $9,000.00 for labor, materials and equipment for the renovation.Saturday to pitch in on this worthwhile cause.

Gachina Landscape Management has partnered with JobTrain in East Palo Alto since 1992

Gachina has partnered with JobTrain since 1992. We provide year-round pro bono landscape management services to their facility in East Palo Alto. Jackie is on the Board of Directors, Marketing and Development committee and personally sponsors the Where I want to fly and why contest at the annual Breakfast of Champions. JobTrain culinary students benefit from Gachina’s organic demonstration garden by harvesting produce and learning sustainable farm-to-table skills.