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Commercial Landscaping Trends in 2019

Retail Center Commercial Landscaping San Jose

In 2019, commercial landscaping trends in the San Jose area are changing to reflect the needs of the environment and the people who are living in it. Beautiful landscapes add value to a commercial property and can also improve the health of the people who interact with it.

Gachina Landscape Management has professional experience in all aspects of landscaping and can help you stay on top of the latest landscaping trends. We are commercial landscape contractors and maintenance professionals in the San Jose area who are dedicated to offering cutting edge services.

Landscape design is changing

The world of commercial landscaping is changing and Gachina is here to help you navigate it. Designing commercial landscapes with the health and enjoyment of employees and tenants in mind is a focus in 2019. Let’s look at some of these trends.

Peninsula Regent CLCA awards

Landscape as an escape

There is emphasis is on creating commercial landscape spaces that people can interact with and move within. Being outdoors can boost morale and something as simple as including walking and biking paths encourages people to get outside. Eating areas, scenic views and even spaces for activities like barbecuing can all help to foster a relationship between people and their environment.

Water conservation is key

Water conservation and management is imperative in the San Jose area. At Gachina, our certified landscape technicians have a wealth of experience with water conservation. Designing landscapes with low-water use plants, especially native plants that are already accustomed to the dry climate is important, as well as using the latest irrigation technology to be sure your landscape isn’t being under or over watered. Smart controllers, drip irrigation and matched precipitation

Working with the climate

It’s important to work with the climate you’ve got. Keeping climate in mind when designing landscapes is crucial from a water conservation perspective but also for creating an enjoyable outdoor experience. Including shaded areas for sunny properties and heated areas for cooler environments makes being outside more pleasant.

Sustainable practices are good for the environment and your wallet. Sustainable landscapes protect the investment with environmentally-friendly and sound horticultural practices that are self-perpetuating over time. We promote pollinator friendly practices and offer 100% organic landscape services if preferred.

Choose Gachina for your landscape needs

Gachina offers landscaping services to commercial office parks, corporate campuses, retail shopping centers, and HOAs. We serve the Bay area, including San Jose, Danville, Los Altos, Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Mountain View. To learn more about commercial landscaping trends in 2019 call 650-853-0430 or click here to set up an appointment with us today.