Water conservation for large commercial properties in the Bay Area CA, Burlingame
irrigation management
irrigation management

Commercial Landscape Irrigation and Water Management Services

Water Savings Start with Smart Irrigation

Managing water use on your property has never been more important. Especially now that remote management and real-time visibility are on everyone’s mind..

Gachina has partnered with HydroPoint, the makers of WeatherTRAK smart irrigation, to offer an exclusive special smart irrigation program for Gachina customers. This special offering will help organizations get up and running with the most effective smart irrigation and landscape maintenance team immediately – with no money down.

WeatherTRAK Smart Irrigation Outcomes:

Maximizing Water Savings
Protecting and Enhancing Landscape Health/Appearance
Delivering Financial Benefits with a Fast ROI
Protecting and Enhancing Landscape Health/Appearance
Reducing Risk & Liabilities
Enhancing Corporate Image

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Not convinced? Here are a few more reasons for you to think about WeatherTrak Smart Irrigation from Gachina:

WeatherTRAK Smart Irrigation

  • Typical system ROI in under 3 years (using water savings alone)
  • Can save up to 95% of wasted water
  • Improved landscape & plant health
  • Reduced landscape run-off by 71%

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