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Landscape Maintenance

Gachina's landscape maintenance programs literally start from the ground up. Our team of trained landscape professionals provide landscape management services that include routine maintenance such as mowing, pruning, water management, plant health and tree care services. Since 1988, Gachina's landscape maintenance programs go the extra mile by providing customers the ability to customize their scheduled maintenance routines to suit their property's needs and multi-year budgets.

Our landscape maintenance services enhance the long-term beauty of your property allowing your grounds and open spaces to be clean and inviting to visitors, employees, and tenants. Local, state and national awards have brought recognition of our landscape quality. Gachina Landscape Management has won more than 109 awards culminating with our most prestigious 2007 National Grand Award for Stanford Shopping Center.

Gachina also provides landscape enhancement services to serve the long-term property beatification goals of our customers.