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HOA Community Landscape Management Services

Lasting Landscape Enhancements

Gachina understands that first impressions are everything and the beauty of a homeowner community starts with a plan to properly manage and enhance the landscape of the common areas. Our account managers specialize in working with HOA boards and homeowner association managers to increase the property's value, develop multi-year landscape management budgets, control costs, develop long-term beautification plans and improve the quality of life within the community. These landscape maintenance programs are tailored to meet the individual needs and interest of the community association managers.

Landscape Account Management

Each HOA community has a dedicated account manager who is detail-oriented with excellent communication skills and experienced in all aspects of landscape management. Gachina account managers perform monthly property walkthroughs with HOA managers. A comprehensive schedule for operations is developed that clearly communicates the frequency of on-going landscape maintenance programs and landscape enhancements to occur onsite.

Landscape Maintenance Contractors

Our certified staff of commercial landscape professionals improves the appearance, safety and value of the property through our regularly scheduled landscape maintenance. In addition to the routine cutting, edging, weeding and fertilization of turf areas, Gachina Landscape Management also has comprehensive tree care and plant healthcare services available for HOA communities. Properly maintained trees can actually decrease the safety liability posed by old growth trees while increasing the value and curb appeal of a community.

Water Conservation in Landscaping

Analyzing the irrigation systems, water consumption and environmental impact of every landscape we maintain is paramount for Gachina. By using the latest in landscape management and enhancement techniques such as irrigation technology, turf management and monitoring tools Gachina can reduce water consumption without sacrificing the beauty of common areas. Gachina Landscape Management has strict recycling and mulching policies and uses hybrid vehicles wherever possible to do their part in creating a sustainable green environment for future generations.

Response to your Landscape Management Needs

All of Gachina's landscape management; maintenance and enhancement programs include 24/7 emergency services for irrigation, tree or any landscaping-related hazard.